About Me


Hello, there

My name is Shahid Yousuf. I'm a Senior Software Engineer currently working at Axelerant, previously Signeasy. Besides loving my job and my side hustles, I love play cricket, drive cars and enjoy great food and meals.

On this blog, I write beginner-friendly and intermediate programming tutorials and various web development tips to help programmers get started or become better at what we do.

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  • Senior Software Engineer, Axelerant (May 2024 to Present)
  • Senior Software Engineer, Signeasy (Feb 2022 to April 2024)
  • Software Engineer, Applied Informatics/TrialX (Aug 2018 to Feb 2022)
  • Founder / Software Developer at Queboid Technologies (Jan 2016 to July 2018)

Technical Knowledge

  • Python, Java, Go and some Rust
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Kafka, AWS

Core Principles and Values

  • Stable and scalable infrastructure, right tool for the right job.
  • Runtime performance enthusiastic.
  • Product delivery.
  • Minimalistic approach.
  • Early adopter, keen to learn.
  • Communication and collaboration as asset.
  • Customer centricity and bias for action
  • Enthusiasm, openness and kindness